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Fashionable Sunglasses Available at Our Oak Park Optometrist

It’s true, sunglasses have a certain built-in “cool” factor that helps everyone look a little more stylish and “pulled together.” But looking fashionable are just one-way sunglasses can help you. With the right lenses and styles, sunglasses can also provide important protection for your eyes, helping prevent eye diseases and injuries so you can continue to see your best while you’re looking your best. As a trusted eye doctor near Oak Park, Forest Park, and River Forest, Dr. Alex Tan helps patients of all ages find the best sunglasses for their needs and their eye health, with an array of stylish collections sure to suit every taste.

Teens with stylish sunglasses.

What to Look for in Your Next Pair of Sunglasses

Obviously, you want sunglasses that look great. At Compass Eye Care, we offer many brands and lots of styles to help you get the look you want, including eyeglasses designed just for kids and glasses for active athletes as well. But frames are just part of the selection process. Here’s what else you should consider:

  • Tint - Frame style is just one way to get the look you want when selecting your eyewear. There are options when it comes to lens tint too. Tints range from medium to dark and come in gray, blue, green and other colors. Our eye doctor can help you decide which tint options will work for your needs and your preferences.
  • Polarized lenses - All of our eyewear - sunglasses and “regular” glasses - come with a polarized lens option designed to help prevent glare. Polarized lenses cost a little more, but they can significantly improve your ability to see in bright or highly reflective conditions.
  • UV protection - Most people think of sunglasses as eyewear that helps them see better in bright light. But the right glasses do a lot more than that. Sunglasses can also provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can damage the light-sensitive retina at the back of the eye and even increase the risk of developing certain eye cancers. Selecting sunglasses that offer ample UV protection - and wearing them regularly - is an important part of maintaining your vision and preventing diseases that can damage your eyes.
  • Lifestyle - Some people want sunglasses for the beach or just everyday wear; others want sunglasses (and “regular” eyeglasses) designed to protect their eyes during sports or work-related activities. Compass Eye Care offers “high-performance” eyeglasses designed to withstand plenty of action while retaining their great looks.

Sunglasses from Your Optometrist vs. “Over-the-Counter” Sunglasses

Lots of people think they’ll save money by purchasing sunglasses from a drugstore or other store - a decision that can wind up being more costly than they imagine. That’s because over-the-counter sunglasses typically don’t provide the UV protection and other safety features that can help you prevent eye diseases and preserve your vision. Seeing your eye doctor for a glasses fitting is critical, whether you have prescription glasses or not.

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses from an Eye Doctor near Oak Park

Compass Eye Care is your local source for top-quality sunglasses that offer plenty of styles as well as lots of features to help you preserve your vision and your eye health. To find the pair that’s just right for your needs, visit the office at 603 Madison Street or contact us at 708-383-2150  to schedule an appointment today