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Fashion Designer- Considered among the world's top eyewear designers, Jean- Francois Rey is a creator without peer, who for more than a decade has displayed an inventiveness so marked that he has managed to introduce new fashions...without ever following them.

Inspired as much by the art as the technical world, J. F. Rey creations have inscribed themselves within a deliberately contemporary register: top of the line, in which creativity and technological innovation play determinant roles. The result is a
strong, exuberant, collection that appeals to an urbane, hip clientele seeking to avoid classification.

Technique & Creativity- You'll never see oversized logos hanging from the temples of J.F. Rey eyewear, because creativity serves as its own trademark. Far removed from standard eyewear that serves to correct vision, J.F. Rey's creations display a baffling originality arrived at through a canny combination of design and technology.

In this venture, aimed at freeing creative potential, limits of manufacturing techniques are constantly pushed in order to surpass the constraints imposed by machines. All this, in the belief the Jean-Francois Rey can achieve at will.

Eyewear Design- It's not that Jean-Francois Rey creates such wildly original eyewear that his styles are reserved for a coterie of initiates, alone. His eyewear appeals to a universe of users: contemporary, industrial and urbane. Men and women anchored to this world and given to top-drawer products are understandably the collection's market.

 Based in the South of France, Jean-Francois Rey is one of the world’s top eyewear designers specializing in the avant-garde and unique styles that are visible on your face from far away, and is known for innovative glamour, sleek lines and eye-catching details. J.F. Rey draws inspiration from modern architecture and a broad range of artistic styles.

All J.F. Rey Eyewear is handcrafted in the South of France from the highest quality materials. Innovative and often edgy, the brand attracts those unique individuals with discerning, fashion-forward tastes.