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Glaucoma Treatment From Our Oak Park Eye DoctorGlaucoma Treatment oak park

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness, and in most cases it can cause damage before sufferers even notice its effects. But you can protect yourself against glaucoma -- with our help. Our Oak Park eye doctor, Dr. Tan, can diagnose and treat this eye disease so you can continue to enjoy optimal eyesight.

Causes and Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma damages the optic nerves that transmit visual data to the brain for interpretation. It's most commonly associated with high fluid pressure within the eye. The eye keeps itself filled with a clear fluid known as the aqueous humor. Sine it produces this fluid constantly, excess fluid is allowed to drain out through a mesh of drainage ducts in the iris at the front of the eye, exiting through the angle created by the cornea and the iris. When drainage problems occur, the fluid builds up in the eye, raising pressure until the delicate nerves suffer permanent, ever-worsening damage.

Most glaucoma sufferers have a variety known as normal-angle glaucoma in which fluid drains, but too slowly. You can have this condition for years without noticing any symptoms of glaucoma; when glaucoma symptoms do appear, peripheral vision is usually affected first. In a more extreme variant called angle-closure glaucoma, an abnormally narrow drainage angle causes the drainage to be cut off completely. This causes dramatic glaucoma symptoms such as sudden vision problems to headaches and nausea -- and if it isn't treated immediately, significant vision loss can occur with a matter of hours.

How Our Optometrist in Oak Park Can Help

Since glaucoma can cause progressive optic nerve damage without your knowing it, it's imperative that you get a comprehensive eye exam (including a glaucoma test) from our optometrist in Oak Park every two years. You may need even more frequent exams if you have risk factors such as:

  • Being 40 or older
  • Having Asian, Native Alaskan or African-American ancestry
  • Suffering from hypertension or diabetes
  • Experiencing an eye injury/surgery
  • Taking certain medications such as corticosteroids

One common type of glaucoma test, a technique called tonometry involves fluid pressure measurement. Our Oak Park eye doctor will also examine the inner structures of the eye, including the optic nerves, after dilating your pupils to get the best possible view. Checking your peripheral vision can reveal whether glaucoma may already be affecting your vision.

Even if you already have glaucoma, we can prevent it from destroying your eyesight. Our Oak Park eye doctor can administer glaucoma treatment in the form of eye drops that  increase eye drainage and/or reduce aqueous humor production. Oral medications can boost the effectiveness of the eye drops. If medications aren't working, we can refer you to a laser surgeon for a painless outpatient procedure to improve eye drainage. 

Don't Wait for Glaucoma Symptoms: Contact Oak Park Eye Doctor For Glaucoma Exam

Don't wait until glaucoma symptoms begin affecting your vision permanently. Call Compass Eye Care at 708-383-2150 to schedule a comprehensive eye exam!