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Computer Vision Diagnostics and Treatment From Our Eye Doctor Oak Park

When they visit their eye doctor Oak Park residents often tell us how much they appreciate the high quality of service and personalized care they receive at Compass Eye Care. Our team is available to discuss with you any type of vision concern you have. With years of experience, Dr. Tan, our optometrist, can help to protect your vision for as long as possible. We often help patients with conditions such as computer vision concerns.

computer vision in oak park

What Is Computer Vision?

The term computer vision refers to a condition in which the eyes are fatigued from overuse of digital screens. This is common today since many people spend hours a day looking at computer monitors, tablets, smartphones, and televisions. Yet, even those with healthy eyes and good vision can find themselves struggling as a result of this syndrome.

What Are Symptoms of Computer Vision?

When you come in to see your optometrist in our office, our first step will be to provide you with a thorough eye exam and vision screening. However, it is also important for you to tell us about any symptoms or vision changes you may have that may indicate computer vision or other concern. Symptoms such as the following are often linked to computer vision:

  • Blurry vision

  • Unexplained headaches

  • Eye strain and discomfort

  • Neck pain and shoulder pain

  • Dry eyes

If you have these symptoms, we’ll provide you with a thorough screening to ensure your eyes remain healthy and your vision protected. We’ll perform several tests including:

  • Vision acuity testing to determine your current vision quality
  • Refraction testing to determine how we can improve your vision
  • Focus and eye coordination testing tell us how well your eyes are working together

From there, we can offer the proper advice and treatment for computer vision.

How Can Your Eye Doctor Help with Computer Vision Problems?

When you meet with your eye doctor in our office, we’ll talk about ways to improve your vision as well as proper eye care. You’ll need to take steps to protect your vision. Some recommendations we often make include:

  • Giving your eyes a rest every 20 minutes when you are using a screen. For example, look away every 20 minutes and blink. You also should look at a distant point for about 20 seconds to allow the eyes to refocus. And, take at least a 15-minute break every two hours.
  • Make changes to your computer setup to reduce the strain on your eyes. This type of eye care is critical.
  • You may need prescription glasses to help improve your vision if you are straining to see.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Your Oak Park Eye Doctor Today

The best step to take is to come in for an eye exam. Though computer vision is often the problem, it’s important that we take steps to protect your vision from other diseases and vision loss as well. Call your Oak Park eye doctor now for an appointment: 708-383-2150