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Posted on 01-24-2017

Obtain the Best Treatment for Dry Eyes with Your Oak Park Optometrist

Are you suffering from dry eye syndrome? It’s an uncomfortable condition, to be sure, and you will want to come in for an appointment with your preferred Oak Park optometrist to get the best treatment for dry eyes as soon as possible. 

Woman in Oak park seeks Compass Eye Care, the local optometrist.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

When you come to see your eye doctor in Oak Park, you’ll have a consultation to go over your dry eye condition. You can expect to begin by describing your symptoms. 

Some of the more frequently mentioned symptoms that patients complain about include an itching sensation or a gritty feeling that is accompanied by redness or blurry vision. Some patients say that they experience light sensitivity too. 

Fundamentally, it just feels like there is something in your eye. This is an annoying problem that your eye doctor can help you with today.

Treatment for Dry Eye

A number of treatments are at your eye doctor’s disposal. The majority of patients can get the relief they need with some artificial tears, which are over-the-counter eye drops that you can get at your local pharmacy. This usually takes care of mild cases of dry eye.

For more severe cases, your doctor may prescribe a medication designed to reduce inflammation in your eyelids. Or, you may receive eye drops that will specifically target corneal inflammation.

The eye doctor can give you a small eye insert made from Lacrisert, which goes between your eyeball and the lower eyelid. As it melts, the insert gives off a lubricant that helps keep the eye properly moist.

Dry Eye Causes

You may be wondering how you got dry eye syndrome. Your eye doctor in Oak Park wants you to know that there are a number of dry eye causes. The main reasons people get dry eye symptoms include:

* Part of the natural part of aging process. Women going through menopause in particular may experience dry eye syndrome.

* Diseases can interfere with your body’s capacity to generate tears, such as collagen vascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

* Drug side effects, such as from over the counter antihistamines

Do Not Delay! Dry Eye Relief at Your Oak Park Optometrist Is Just a Phone Call Away!

If you require dry eye relief, do not hesitate to make an appointment. The best treatment for dry eyes is available at our facility today. For more information about dry eye treatment, please contact the Compass Eye Care team today at 708-383-2150. If this will be your first visit, remember to ask us about our new client special!

When did you first notice your dry eye symptoms? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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