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Vision Care and Medical Insurance

There are two types of insurance plans, vision plans and medical plans (or insurances). They are two very different plans, and cover very different services. It’s important that you understand these differences.

Vision Insurance:

  • Covers yearly routine eye exam (sometimes with a co-pay)
  • Helps pay for glasses OR contacts
  • Helps pay for a yearly contact fitting (minus a co-pay)

Vision Insurance Accepted

Medical Insurance:

  • Covers medical conditions such as eye injuries and/or treatment(s)
  • When a medical diagnosis or medical condition is present (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, eye disease, eye infection, allergies, cataracts, etc) a claim is filed to your medical insurance, any co-pays and deductibles do apply.
  • Does NOT cover a yearly contact fitting (only applicable if you are getting contacts)

Medical Insurance Accepted

We are not responsible for knowing or finding out what insurance you have, whether it be vision or medical. We will do our best with the information provided to us to locate your vision insurance, if it is a plan we accept. We ask that you come prepared with all the information beforehand. If you are using medical insurance, we have no way of knowing what will be covered until AFTER we submit a claim.

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